Spirit of being a Travel Host (愛玩客吳鳳的精神)

January 22, 2013

This is the I WALKER travel program from Taiwan and the host is Golden Bell Award Best Travel Host winner Rifat Karlova. Actually many people are dreaming of being a travel host but just some people can make their dream come true. Being a travel host needs a bit luck and a lot of hard work. Every travel show has its own content, some of them introduces food, some of them are going to remote countries or some of them need real climbers etc. I WALKER show is in Chinese so all the content is about Taiwan and Chinese culture, However, Rifat Karlova is not native Chinese speaker so the show gives audience another kind of entertainment spirit. Rifat is showing people how he sees Chinese culture and Taiwan around him。Millions of people are watching this young guy because of his humorous hosting style and kind attitude towards the people during shooting. In I WALKER show Rifat catches big fishes, eats different kind of food and experience local life in Taiwan. It is one of the only shows which use foreign artist in prime time in the world. Hope you enjoy this short clip of I WALKER.


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