Please Hollywood, All we want is a little bit respect

June 12, 2011

I am an entertainer in Asia and like to go to cinema like many other people in the  world. Why I am watching movies?Because I just want to entertain myself and have a nice time in the cinema.I am sure you go and spend your money for same reason. However, I realized that many people all around the world are being cheated by (some )Hollywood movies (also same in other film industries too) which offer us amazing trailers but nothing more.

Please dont think that I am attacking Hollywood or hate American movies.All I want to tell is the feeling of being cheated, sure nobody force me to watch movies but I see trailers and just want to have a nice 2 hours in the  cinema. Dont you think Hollywood or any other movie industry which aim to entertain people must entertain us at first than make money ?  or  at least they have to try their best to do it in a better way?

We spend millions of dollars and sacrifice our time to watch many movies. After all this effort If you watch a movie which gives you boring time what would you think? I never support any piracy or downloading movies from internet but if Hollywood  continues to give us amazing trailers but empty movies why people would spend money to watch new coming movies ? Would you like to eat in a bad restaurant ? Sure No, no body wants. But if this restaurant always says “HEY, I HAVE A NEW FOOD, IT IS AMAZING, COME AND GET IT. probably we would go and try their new amazing !!! food, after we taste it if it is nothing special I am sure that most of us would think we were cheated and dont want to come back again. It is unfortunately same in many movies too.

Hollywood is the most international and strongest film industry in the world. Many talented actors, writers, directors etc are working there and I respect all these people.  They are working hard and sure they deserve to make money, but as an member of entertainment industry,  I just want more entertainment for world. I want one thing  from Hollywood. “Please dont make cool trailers and attract people, first shoot cool movies and than do the trailers.” Otherwise you will loose people, I am sure producers and many companies will make money but it will not give happiness to people.

You may think why I am writing so harsh about the Hollywood film industry.I tell you why, because I  just watched J.J Abraham’s SUPER 8 because of the same reason.Nice trailer gave me the hope of nice time in the cinema after a long time  !!! . Not just me, many people around the world have the same feeling. They will watch the trailer and say WOW, THIS IS A NICE MOVIE. So, they will go and spend their money for this movie. But after the movie most of them wont feel happy and satisfied.If they are, I really want to know HOW? Because something is missing, not just in this movie many other movies too.

Today we spend 20 dollars and watched the movie. J. J Abrahams is a very talented director and producer but what we got in the cinema was boring time. Nice visual effects, good acting  and this is all.  I watched it with many people in Taiwan,  after the movie nobody was smiling or talking about the movie. It was very obvious that they felt unhappy.In one scene the producers even put many tanks which destroys and attacks everywhere, but the alien wasnt using any weapon. Tanks were shooting everywhere and some others shooting other places, no connection and no sense. At that time I said to myself: Why J.J put this scene in to movie? It was very clear that just for some effects thats all. If this is movie making so we can shoot many new movies in same way. Lets dont care what we shoot, put some effects, tell a bad story and show people 30 seconds amazing trailer. Get the money and forget the rest. I make money why would I care people? But those people are the people which support and save film industry in the world. The next movie you will need them too.

I know that  producers cant make all the movies perfect and we the people cant like all the movies at the same time. But at least we need more respect from any film maker in this world.  At least they can try to entertain us with better movies. If they can’t shoot those movies,  I think stop  making a bad movie is the best way. At least we can save our money for other things. We are not making millions of dollars and cant spend as much as we can. Film makers have to think about that too.

Hollywood created amazing movies and gave us good times but I am very sad that the change in the business during the time. Make a cool trailer, attract people and dont give them respect, this makes me sad. If this is entertainment I dont want to be an entertainer. When a person watches my shows or any other TV programs which I created,  I have to give them ultimate entertainment.If ı cant make it I wait for the right timing, but would not show them what is really fake and attract them with 30 seconds trailers.  If you give them care and respect. Believe me you can make more money than you imagine.

There are many talented but not famous script writers in the world. Believe me if one of them would write SUPER 8’s script and give to the producers. I am sure most of the producers would not like to shoot this movie. Because the script is very weak and doesn’t bring any happiness to audience. If entertainment is just money making I want to cogradulate J. J Abrahams, because he did it. He made a lot of money. I am sure he or any producer would not read what I write here,they even dont know who am I, and they also dont care it too.  They will be on the best entertainment news in the world, will make amazing money with this kind of movies and they will have amazing life which we may never taste.

However,  after this kind of movies which are based on good marketing, believe me  more people will going to download movies and they will have right to do it.  If movie industry dont respect audience, audience will never respect them too.

All the film industries must think the point I share with world.

Best regards,


Rifat Karlova


“Entertainment is an Art.”



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