Being a TV host but HOW?

June 2, 2011

There are many different styles of TV shows on Television. Thats why the styles of hosts are also different than eachother. This is actually a very interesting job to be infront of camera and build connection between you and audience. Sometimes you just talk to camera and introduce amazing travel destinations from many beautiful countries, sometimes you interview your guests with your clever questions. If you are a reality TV show host so you have to show your energy during the show and let people feel the whole atmosphere around you.

Before you become a host the first thing is to get a degree on broadcasting or communication. Because hosts are very special people which needs strong communication skills. If you dont have related degree it doesnt mean you cant be a host but at least you have to learn about broadcasting and how to communicate people. Television industry needs experience so if you have any related company near your city you can go and ask them to be part of them. You can start with small jobs such as studio works or any other office works in the channels. So, you can see the real work environment of people. If you can build good relationships there so you can introduce yourself more to the people which they work for television industry.

Being an intern with big TV companies will give you amazing chance to learn about the business. It means your foot is in the right place. You know people, they know you and doors will closer to you for your future. If you know some people who can give you hosting chances, try to ask them whether they want to hire you or not. You can start in small clubs, pubs or even comedy clubs. Even the small events are very helpful. Get more stage experience and learn how to use micraphone. Timing, stage control, audience reactions and more. You will learn many things about hosting. If you feel you are doing and audience likes you it means that you are doing great. However, this is just a start. You have to follow all the news around you. It means that you have to hunt for a job. Radio station or any other small broadcasting company can give you a chance. It is worth to try and show them what you have got. You can prepare a portfolio about your work experience and show them your talents. You are going to be host, so dont be shy. Show them more about you. Record your performances and upload them on Youtube, facebook etc. Be close to entertainment industry. Let them hear more about you. Get a website and put your informations there. Look at mine www.rifatkarlova.com

Know more about you and which kind of shows you can host. Maybe you cant be a talk show host but can do great travel hosting. If you know yourself better so you can save your energy and time. At first do not think about money. Most of the big hosts started their first jobs with small amounts of money. First of all you have to learn and get more experience. People around you have to think YOU ARE GOOD WHAT YOU ARE DOING. This is a very important point.

Learn other languages, it is always helpful to know more about world, culture, people. Dont lock yourself and KEEP LEARNING. Your background, your style, your voice, everything is very important. Keep your quality higher. Dont do stupid things in order to be famous, if you want to be a host go for it and try to get more chances. I am sure the doors will open and you will get what you really deserve.

Good luck,

Rifat Karlova



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