Being an Entertainer, what is the secret?

May 2, 2011

Many people all around the world want to be a star or make a lot of money as an entertainer.  It is actually a very good dream to be an actor, singer or director etc. But what is the secret? How can you enter the business and open the doors?

As you can guess it is not that easy to get this dream in a very short time unless you are the son of big producer. It will be a very easy answer the questions I asked above but, first of all you have to be talented for show business. The rest is practice, passion, connection and luck.

If you have a good voice you have to sing, if you can act you have to go on the stage and be the part of many different stage plays. You have to sharpen  your skills all the time. Show people what you have got. More you appear on the stage the more you will learn. Being an entertainer is like being a sportsman, you have to keep training and do more matches to show yourself on the stage. If you let them think that you are doing well you will get new chances.

If you have chance to get professional support,  go and get it. It may be an art school or a private tutor, you have to get a basic education about your talent and show biz. How to move on the stage, how to control your voice, how to write a screenplay and more. Learning is the key of success in entertainment world.

One of the other important key is observation and reading about other entertainer’s life. Look what they did in their life, try to understand their success story and learn from their experiences. It will help you so much. People with stories will inspire you.

This is a very hard and painful way, till you go on the top. You may sacrifice many things. Being patient makes you fight with the problems. You will meet many crazy people, they will try to use you or block you. They will talk stupid or support you. You never know what this business gives to you.   Maybe many people will not like you even you are talented, maybe it will take years to be discovered. If you give up, you wont go anywhere, but if you believe in your talent and heart, I am sure the door will open one day.Thats why always be ready, chance can come anytime.

Even in the worst days don’t hate your job and try to make people happy around you. Even there is just 1 person came to see your show, do your best to entertain him. Love will help you to keep your dreams alive.

Meet more people, share your shows with the world. Don’t hide yourself and talent. Go and knock the doors, send mails, make portfolio and don’t give up. Let them hear your voice, see your talent. Know key people who can help you introduce  the other key people. Be everywhere in social media, be part of the entertainment world even you are a very tiny spot in this world. Don’t forget the most famous entertainers and you are doing the same thing: Entertain people.

Sometimes whatever you do it won’t work. That means sometimes you need luck. If you fail don’t regret and believe that you already done your best.  I hope my words can give you support and courage to being an entertainer. This is an amazing job, you can change people’s life, you can give them hope and put big stamp on this world.

Good luck my dear friend,

Rifat Karlova

“Entertainment is an Art”



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