Entertainment is an Art

February 13, 2011

Entertainment is an Art

This is my slogan about entertainment business and what I really feel when I am on stage or TV. Actually the word `entertainment` has pretty vast and deep meaning. From singing to acting or from circus to street performances there are many different ways of entertainment. However, whatever we do is, bringing happiness to people and let them enjoy their time with our shows or works. It is a very tiring and challenging business. Many new faces want to get in the business and most of them can not be successful even they are talented. Feeling happy to make people happy is an art. Making them happy even when we feel sad is a very hard job. People may think entertainers never feel sad or have problems. However, being an entertainer needs continuous work and effort to sharpen skills and talents. Keep learning from all the things around us and word. Shaping them and bringing them to the audiences. Maybe my words are not enough to define what I feel but what we entertainers do is a very precious thing and change people’s life in our world. That’s why I feel happy when I know that some people even I never seen them before are feeling happy when they watch my shows on TV or stage. Making them happy with good shows are the most important things in my career and I am working hard for that.

We never know what entertains people. Sometimes a horror movie or a very dramatic performance can be the most entertaining thing for some people, we never know what make audiences happy and that’s why we entertainers are still looking forward to create new shows. People’s hobbies and leisure activities are changing, internet is shaping our world, TV has so many new kinds of technological changes and etc. As the life changes entertainment changes, we change and our interests change. Who would thing that one day the audience like `JackAss` or `Big Brother` style show? However, these are one of the most popular programs in 90’s and 00’s. We maybe create much different shows in the future than today. In the past people would like to be happy when they see the puppets in small theaters or a very simple performance by an old man from their town. Maybe the shows and contents are more different than past but the basic and the aim is same. `Entertaining people` so long we manage to entertain them we can thing that we are doing well.

However, in this business we never now what tomorrow brings. Today we can be the best and tomorrow we can be the worse. People and the audiences are criticizing us, sometimes some people attack with words and we never know why. Entertainer is a target in the media and anything can be written about our life or career. So we have to be strong and ready for unexpected things in our life. We never know how the future looks.

Entertainer must thing deep about the future, entertainment is looking in to future and entertaining today.  Do we know what kind things people will love in future? Or which kind of shows we will create and watch? Is internet will take the control of our life and TV will not be the most famous entertainment box for us? We have many questions about future of entertainment and we are still trying to find answers.

I believe whatever we create and whatever we give people, we have to use our heart. Even the biggest movies or smallest performances we have to use same passion to love to entertain people. That’s why I choose a slogan in my career as an entertainer. `Entertainment is an art.`  because what we entertainers do is changing people’s life, bringing taste to their life, creating new things, shaping our society. That why the slogan `Entertainment is an art.` defines my love and passion for stage and TV.


Rifat Karlova




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