My Reverse Comedy, Not Using My Own Language

April 9, 2010

It sounds a bit weird when you first read this blog about comedy. However, i want to talk about Comedy in other languages.  I mean performer choose some other language than his mother tongue. As we know all the big comedians did and still creating comedies in their own languages. This is the easy and the right way you can get the whole feeling of a culture which you live in.  Thus, mother tongue can make it easier to see the deep parts of society from different angles. So the comedian can create many new jokes for audience. However, what i am still working  hard on it is totally differs from the usual comedy and comedians. I am trying to create Chinese comedy for Chinese world. This is quite different than Western style but my comedy ideas  come from same sources, just i choose other language to deliver it.  I use Chinese as my live performance language, this has advantages but also disadvantages. The good side is as a foreigner i can see many things which the local people can not see, and also bring international materials on the stage that i can create jokes. Many Chinese speaking foreigners from USA, England, Germany, Turkey and other places have seen my shows and we laughed together in Chinese language. This is a amazing feeling all foreigners and Chinese people meet in same language. The bad part is sure the deep culture, the dark side of the society. Here, i don’t mean the bad side of society, i just wanna say the unseen part, because as a foreign performer it is sometimes impossible to get the historical trends in foreign country. However, till now i am happy to survive on the stage and going my journey with my dreams. I am still looking forward to learn more from all the big comedians all around the world. After my Chinese language performances in this month i want to try English comedy for one American online radio. I think comedy needs try, try and try. Like a experiment one must keep trying. But really need to work hard and think hard on it. I have to go further in deeper part of society and get new materials for my new performances.

For the audience, it is totally new and they have never experienced this kind of shows that i try to create first time in Taiwan. All i want to do is make audience happy and feel the different culture’s power in comedy on the stage. This gives my brain a big stimulation and force it to move quickly than usual. Audience in Taiwan have different kind of reactions than Westerners, because Chinese people don’t want to be part of the stage when comedian performs, they like to stay calm and need time to make them laugh.  Shy feelings and sure totally different culture make comedians work harder. However after couple of jokes people get the feeling and feel their self comfortable. Chinese comedy history is also very long, however the American style comedy stand up performances is very new in Taiwan. I heard there is not any comedy club in Mainland, it is really interesting for 1.3 billion Chinese mainland has no such places where comedians can improve their skills and create new comedy art. But in the West stand up comedy did very well and created its own artists. I am sure this will be the same in Chinese people one day, just need time to work on hard and do our best when we perform. I wish a good day for all the comedians in the world, and want to thank the late comedians who brought happiness in our life.

Best wishes from Taiwan with laughs,

Rifat Karlova


I give you a link to one of my Chinese performances.



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