Taiwan Today

March 31, 2010

Hi world,

I feel myself like an alien when i say “Hi world:))” I actually just say “Hi” from my small but cosy home.

Wow, today is really hot in Taipei, i just finished a TV commercial program for a shopping channel and it was so smooth. I was a bit late for shooting because of my alarm, it is very soft melody and i changed it now. Please set your alarms something with hard tunes, not love songs or soft melodies. Otherwise you would have the same problems like me.

Here in Taiwan, ı started my career and found the key for future in my life. now i am looking for the doors to open and get inside of Entertainment Business. Creating new television programs and maybe later movies, dramas etc… is my dream.

Television really became my life and the way i want to walk through till my life ends. I call my Television career  “Colorful Television”  It must contain fun,love,dream,quality,passion and nature. Than, colorful screens will attract more people to build a strong society with harmony.

As a  foreign artist in Taiwan it is really hard to build a career in entertainment business. Taiwan is my second home, first one is sure my beautiful country Turkey.  I really want you come one day and visit Turkey, you will love it.

I wish all  people where they live or what they dream, they make their dreams come true. But this wish just for the people who deserve good things and share with others.

Thus, world can be a peaceful place for all of us and next generations.

Love from lovely, friendly and but hot :=) Taiwan.

“Life is making today better than yesterday, thus we  can make tomorrow better than today.”



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