Hello world,

March 21, 2010


Merhaba Dünya,


Hallo die Welt,

I am a performer on the world’s stage, we are the human beings are all performers actually.  World is our stage and we are the actors on it. Some of us are perfoming dramas, some of are funny stories, the others are adventure. We hall have our stories, some of us are making the day worse than ever, but some of us are working hard to make today better than yesterday.

Making today better than yesterday is my wish, this is what i want  to do in my life, creating  lovely, colorful,happy environment for all the world.As a stage and television performer i want to share good stories with people,make them happy, take them journeys with me and join their journeys of life.

Being a good part of world and effecting people’s life in a positive way. I want to give them hope, support, create new ideas, play games, find the real love, share  love, cry together, help eachother, celebrate my best moments and making today better than yesterday.  

Today i came to WordPress and opening my world’s doors to world. From now on you will find my stories, performances, shows, works and etc. here. I wish i can make my dream come true and today becomes better than tomorrow for all of us.

Your support and being together, beliving together can make our wishes come true. Now it is 2 oclock at night in Taiwan and before i go my bed i wish we all people and the creatures of this lovely planet can see the tomorrow’s sun rise brighter than today. My dad says, “People are alive when they keep dreaming“ so i am after my dreams and dont wanna give up till i find them.

Best wishes from Taiwan,

Rifat Karlova


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